About Lia’s Kitchen


Welcome and come on in to Lia’s Kitchen.

Lia’s Kitchen is a food venture run by Lia Moutselou, a self taught chef who has lived in the UK and abroad for the past twenty years. Lia runs pop-up food events, cooking classes and social enterprise projects around the world. She inspired by Greek food, sustainability and world flavours. 

Lia’s Kitchen is a moving feast of flavours. It explores cultures and travels the world through food. We run cooking classes and pop-up dinners, develop recipes and menus, and work on important community projects that support ethical messages.  As well as our website you can find us online www.facebook.com/liaskitchen, www.twitter.com/liaskitchen, www.liaskitchen.com but also on Instagram as @lias_kitchen.

If you would like to attend our events, take part in or organise a cooking class, speak to us about a specific private event or catering, or to work with us in any form and simply share our passion for cooking and food get in touch at liaskitchen@gmail.com, 07870131558.


One thought on “About Lia’s Kitchen

    Street Food Circus 2016 | Cardiff in a Tea Cup said:
    August 19, 2016 at 5:07 pm

    […] hosts will include Dusty Knuckle, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen and Wright’s Food Emporium with Lia’s Kitchen hosting next week. There is space for up to 50 people and I’d highly recommend booking in. […]

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