The Story so far…

I am Lia Moutselou, a curious Greek who’s base has been Cardiff, Wales since 2002.

The name ‘Lia’s Kitchen’ was first uttered on a road trip to the Gower Peninsula in Wales (UK) by some of our dearest friends, but its concept had been hatching for many years. It all started as a blog to record recipes, cultural food trails and those beautiful moments when familiar and new people entered my kitchen to share food and a little part of their lives with each other.

A mistress of deviation, I allowed politics and nostalgia to creep in the blog. After all food for me has always been about the environment, the people I love, my home country, connections between cultures and countries, the people it supports and should nurture…

Eventually Lia’s Kitchen organised supper clubs and pop-up dinners. I attended local markets and appeared as a guest cook at various locations and venues to create unique gatherings, events and menus as part of my travelling kitchen ethos.

In 2015 our kitchen started delivering cooking classes, tailored to personal or group needs but also specifically focussing on food waste reduction through the Love Food Hate Waste campaign (in collaboration with Green City Events and Cynefin).

The year continued creatively with collaborations such as the one with Riverside Market Garden during which I developed monthly recipes inspired by the seasonal contents of each month’s vegetable box grown organically in Wales. It has been a joy using organic local ingredients to develop recipes inspired by Greece but also enriched by other diverse ingredients and spices in abundance in my vibrant multicultural neighborhood of Roath, Cardiff. The growers and I also run a few summer stalls at Roath farmer’s markets with menus inspired by the same concept. We are resuming action in spring 2016!

In 2016, the Love Food Hate Waste campaign dominated the first part of our year. Whilst appearances on Channel 4’s The Food Chain and BBC Radio 4’s Food programme has given Lia’s Kitchen a new audience! To top this all up  a new collaboration with Oasis Refugee charity aims to bring the culture and food of the wonderful and resilient people supported by the charity to Cardiff’s community with a R&D pop-up event completed in March 2016. The vision is that food will help bring down boundaries that bad politics and fear create in our homes.

Looking forward, sourcing new and quality ingredients from remarkable parts of Greece will also help complete the hybridity of my Greek-Welsh-World food creations. As always the treasures of Welsh producers and the world food market and cultures so easily accessible in my Roath home will continue fueling my imagination.

Collaboration is at the heart of my venture. Nothing is more beautiful and inspiring than working with people with passion and strong ethos. Here’s to the future and all it brings for Lia’s Kitchen and you. And thank you from my heart for your support to date.

Welcome and come on in my kitchen…..