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Last night the Greek gods of Olympus gathered around our table to savour good food and good company.

A-not-so-Greecee-food affair presented dishes that many people in Britain have a different cultural reference for like revithokeftedes (the Greek falafel), politiki salad (the Greek coleslaw ) and Aubergoni (Cycladic cannelloni-like aubergine parcels).

On arrival people were greeted with a glass of Nectar-a strawberry cucumber and lemon juice cocktail sweetened with honey. And we closed the supper with an almond meal and semolina cake doused in brandy syrup and served with ice cream.

Everyone was an Olympian god last night-persona randomly allocated on arrival. And there was poetry (Cardiff’s ode to Greece), singing which included the very apt political song ‘Εν δυο κάτω’, learning your name in Greek and some interesting Greek facts relating to Nana Mouschouri’s vocal cords and private parts. I am still laughing!

Thank you all for such a wonderful night and honouring Lia’s Kitchen with your presence. I can’t wait for the next supper club. If they are all like this one we are in for a year of a wonderful evenings.

I hope the gods smile on you today .








I’ve cooked, I’ve sold, I’ve conquered

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I usually underestimate how much work and particularly how much fun there is in doing something that I have never done before. This is exactly what happened  when Lia’s Kitchen was on-tour last weekend  and in preparation for the Art Carbootique on 14 April 2013 in Chapter, Cardiff.  Admittedly, I tried to do so much. I arrived at the market with so many pies, too much halva, and boxes of Mexican biscuits … but somehow it all worked peeps! Everyone seemed to love it, with cards and food samples ‘going going gone’ throughout the day and the past week.

Deciding to do this was one of these ‘why not?’ moments that I absolutely love-it feels like the beginning of a journey or an adventure. Preparing was perversely exciting for the organizing geek that I am. I got tired, oh yes I did. But the satisfaction that being part of the market gave me is indescribable.

A highlight was getting the chance to cook at Thé Pot café in Cardiff and I would like to thank the wonderful Natalie who kindly let me use kitchen to prepare all the food samples. I love Natalie’s café and I think she is an astute business lady who I would be happy to work with any day of the week.

And apart from Twang! And Dan Green who helped make the recipe cards I could not have done this with without Michal Iwanowski, who apart from an endlessly creative being is a wizard in the kitchen, and my loved cousin Elpida Sarvani, who might be one of the smartest and multi-skilled persons I know. Thanks you all.

And thanks to all of you for supporting Lia’s Kitchen! Watch out, this is just the beginning…

If you are interested in getting Lia’s Kitchen Card Recipes have a look here and please get in touch at It’s a bargain! 

Leek is gold

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It has been a cold spring in Wales but on my return from the vegetable stock exchange this morning I can say, hand-to-heart, I was hoping for a cheaper price for leek when I set out on my quest at dawn. But leek is gold and spinach is platinum it seems.

Still, final ingredient ticked off my list, I am enjoying a warm spiced apple tea surrounded by onions, leeks, and boxes of goodies with which I concoct Lia’s Kitchen food samples for sale at the Art Carbootique, Chapter Art, tomorrow (14 April 2013).

It takes preparation getting ready for a market stall and serving food, even if just samples. Food hygiene training, finding a kitchen, paperwork, beautification, set up and much more add up when you have weekends only to fit it in. It’s all fun and worth it though!

I can’t wait until tonight and Sunday morning for the part I enjoy most: The cooking!

My recipe (post) cards are in front of me. They look beautiful and include recipes for the three dishes I’ll be making.

And guess what there’s leek in one of the recipes, lots of it!

Good morning!


Roll on 2012

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Choosing photos taken by Tom Beardshaw and Dan Green on New Year s  Eve party  to share with you has proven a lot more difficult than I thought! I spent most of my Sunday afternoon selecting images, deleting them by mistake (oops!), trying to recover them, and remember what I need to do to reduce photos in size…arghh!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Perseverence has paid off but I am exhausted. So the two cabbage roll recipes that I also wanted to share are not typed up yet and will be with you early in the week. Photography  is no simple task for my mind.  Mr Green I am in awe of you- I don’t know how you do it! I takes me ages to even put a slide show together online.

This slide show captures a few moments of our wonderful evening on New Year s Eve. I love Tom s photos and have deliberately chosen some blurry images because … well this is how I remember some of the night! Love to all particularly my lovely guests and stars of our night x

PS-Thanks to Tom Bearshaw who picked up the camera and document much of the night. And thank to my lovely Dan Green for teaching my some editing basics and providing some food snaps. 

PPS-apostrophes and other symbols are not working on this laptop at the moment…this might explain the chosen syntax of this blog entry.