Juice Fuel

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Here I go venturing into the unknown world of juices. My aim is to cure the hangovers and boost the immune systems of some wonderful people in West Wales whilst they party at a most wonderful secret location.

Up until yesterday I was chopping all my fruit and veg to go into the juicer, until my friend Gaby (a.k.a. Juice Queen) just threw everything in there and pressed the ON button. I squealed with delight at how much time this saved me.

Yesterday I left at 6am to work outside Cardiff and as soon as I was back at 5.30pm I continued my juice recipe testing. I am truly dedicated to finding the right recipe.

The result: I think we’ve got three strong contenders for the Blue Lagoon Festival. And they seem very pleased with themselves too.

Cross your fingers people I am quite nervous about this one 😉



One thought on “Juice Fuel

    welovebites said:
    April 24, 2014 at 6:31 pm

    Have a lovely time super-juicer! I have been juicing for years now and I love it. I need a snazzier juicer though. X

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