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The latest divisive recipe for disaster in our global kitchen is the possibility for UK voting to leave the EU. It’s time for my second, acritic homeland to shake things up a year on from the Greek tragedy that dominated global media. 

I will be voting IN, exercising my right to vote as a British citizen for the first time. Because I see the bigger picture…

My vote has nothing to do with fear or ulterior motives. But I worry about the message an OUT vote/campaign gives to the European and other foreign citizens that make up our society. Because however it is served to you the OUT argument is rooted in sectarian views, xenophobia, racism and misanthropy. I plead with you not to be distracted by feelings and arguments that try to present it as revolutionary progression. 

I am voting IN because I like the free movement of people, skills and languages- and FOODS. I have seen this freedom change the UK into an even more colorful mosaic of culture that spreads stronger across the continents. Many of us have two homes one of which is the UK. This simply makes a stronger society and state. Doh!

I am voting IN because I believe EU brings more economies and savings than costs to services, businesses and goods. So if you worry about what you pay to be in the EU it’s time to start thinking about what you are saving. 

I am voting IN because I think it’s the right global thing to do. OUT would send the wrong message to the global political community at a treacherous time of increasing conflict and provocation. In my heart I know it would be a reversal of peaceful progress. 

Sure it is possible for the UK to leave Europe. This would happen possibly after years or a decade of negotiations during which European leaders will most likely impose limitations and sanctions affecting UK (and EU) citizens to our detriment.

There are compelling arguments to remove oneself from the circle of absurd European political decision-making and discussions taken in closed rooms, unrecorded (no different to most political or diplomatic processes though).

But I would rather we have representatives in those rooms with hearts, fists and ‘balls’ to challenge decisions, rather than be affected by them outside the union.

Just think about it all a bit more before you cast your vote…This vote is not just about a five year government plan. Your vote matters in the long run…

Are you away on 23 June for the #EUreferendum? At Glastonbury festival perhaps? Or somewhere else with no polling stations?

UK citizens can still vote by post or proxy but you MUST change this today and by 7 June. Fill in one of the applications below and post to your local electoral office (link to find that in application).
Postal votes must either be received by the electoral office 11days before election or pass it to someone to hand in on day.


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