Mexican biscuits

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These biscuits will make you dance and yelp ‘άndele άndele!’ like Speedy Gonzales!

I tasted these in Laugharne at a restaurant called the Ranch and could not wait to get back to bake.


Makes around 50 pieces

70gr sugar
210gr salted butter
300gr flour
100gr walnuts, coarsely ground
Zest of one orange
1 Tbsp (spiced) rum


Keep the butter in a warm room before creaming with the sugar.

Add the walnuts, zest and rum and knead dough with your fingers.

Shape the dough in mini ovals, 3cm wide and 4cm long.

Bake in 170 Celsius/gas mark 3 to 4. The biscuits must remain pale once baked.

Cool down. Enjoy with hot chocolate, coffee or a glass of red wine.

For a different flavour try pistachio nuts with lime.




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